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We recently made an appearance at The Green Gathering Festival in Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

As advertised we encountered festival bliss! We spent four days experiencing low impact living in an area of outstanding natural beauty with every nook and corner bursting with creativity.

biodegradable glitter

"The Green Gathering is a place to party, then wake up the next morning and put the world to rights with your new mates from the night before! Join us, share wisdom and skills, find friends old and new, weave and weld and tell stories. Be inspired. Take the festival spirit home with you…"

biodegradable glitter

We definitely made new friends, partied and learnt loads. We were inspired to change our glitter applicator after chatting to a few people who talked to us about their concerns of us using a petroleum based product. We have now swapped our applicator for a natural, organic plant based product and this is the only applicator we sell or use at festivals going forward. So thanks Green Gathering! 

biodegradable glitter

biodegradable glitter

We had lots of interest in our biodegradable glitter so we thought it would be a good idea to explain more about it.....

Our glitter is:

  • Biodegradable
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Vegan Friendly

biodegradable glitter

The difference between cosmetic & craft glitter:

Most glitters are made from polyurethane terephthalate more commonly known as PET plastic and aluminum. These are sheets of plastic tinted with colours and then shredded down to various sizes. Some of the tints may be pigments that are approved for use in cosmetics. These glitters are different yet again from craft glitter, which may be tinted with pigments that are not approved for use in any cosmetic and should be avoided all together for makeup use.

Another distinction between a cosmetic glitter and a craft glitter is how they are cut. Craft glitter has sharper edges whereas cosmetic glitter has a smoother edges. This is very important to think about when applying near the eyes. Craft glitter can be very harmful and scratch the eyeballs. Cosmetic glitter is safe to use on your face but you must still consider the size used.

The most common sizes of glitter used in cosmetic applications are .008” and below. .008” is about 203.2 microns. Micron size refers to the size of the particles in the powder. Micro glitter is .004” or 101.6 microns. In America the law states that no glitter type product over 150 microns may be used on your face. This is a law enforced by the FDA and there is a very good reason for it. These larger microns sized glitters could potentially scratch the cornea of your eye. 

biodegradable glitter

Biodegradable Glitter:

Nearly all glitters available are based on PET film and have minimal biodegradability. Our glitter is based on a biodegradable film that is certified compostable.

The biodegradable element of the glitter is derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.

Katie's Heart glitter offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as a conventional PET glitter but it is biodegradable!

Features of Biodegradable Glitter:

  • Certified as industrially compostable
  • OK Compost Home certified
  • Suitable for anaerobic digestion
  • Marine and waste water biodegradable
  • Renewable sourced raw materials
  • Non GM ingredients

biodegradable glitter

Thank you for having us Green Gathering and hopefully we will see you next year!

Hi to all of our new lovely friends too!

Lots of love 

katies heart

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