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Learn more about eco-glitter & meet RR....

Say hello to Katie's Heart very own 'resident raver (RR).' We have never known a chick (since ourselves!) to attend so many events and countries in one Summer. Meet Ellis, she is South Wales's ultimate eco-glitter party animal & everything Katie and I were 10 years ago ish!

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We have such a giggle seeing RR's social media pictures and check in's that we handed her the eco-glitter crown. RR is smoking hot, always smiling and of course partying so it felt right to pick her as our outout mascot! We want to see how far our Katie's Heart glitter can go and how many events we can be tagged in. Each of Ellis’s pictures gives information on the Katie’s Heart products used and the event she attended.

#residentraver @ BEANFEST


Katie's Heart - Lion's Mane Gold & Cosmic Gold

This girl reminds us ‘NEVER STOP THE PARTY’ and also 'STOP USING PLASTIC GLITTER!' The government has banned micro beads found in skin exfoliators as they destroy sea life when washed from the skin and end up in the ocean. Next on their agenda is plastic glitter and rightly so. 

#residentraver in TENERIFE


Katie's Heart - Lion's Mane Gold & Cosmic Gold

Our glitter is cosmetic grade, biodegradable & vegan friendly. It has been developed in response to the increasing environmental pressure on the use of plastics in the cosmetic industry. This glitter is produced from a special biodegradable film which is derived from sustainable and environmentally sourced raw materials. It does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. Our applicator is natural, organic & vegan friendly.

#residentraver @ CREAMFIELDS


Katie's Heart - Candy Floss Pink & Sea Lion Shimmer

In each kit there are two 10ml pots of biodegradable, cosmetic grade, vegan friendly glitter – one fine and one chunky. There is a makeup brush and a 10ml pot of our natural, organic glitter applicator. All of this is kept in a cute cotton drawstring bag, making sure it is easy to pack for whatever festival or event you may be attending.

#residentraver @ MOTION


Katie's Heart - Candy Floss Pink & Club Tropicana

We have online tutorials and a gallery full of inspiration for the look you may want to achieve. It’s simple you start with applying the fine glitter and then layer with the chunky glitter to create your body art masterpiece.

We donate £1 of every single sale we make to Look Good Feel Better, a women’s cancer charity very close to our hearts. If this is your first read of one of our blogs you may wish to learn more HERE

Still to come.... #residentraver does Ibiza & Tomorrowland! (rolls eyes, well jel!)

See you soon Ellis – ‘NEVER STOP THE PARTY’

-from two girls flying towards 40 who feel like you have stolen our crown ha ha!

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