What have you done today to make you feel proud?

It's been a while since our last blog, we have been deliberating, cogitating and digesting 'what next?'

katies heart

Year one - an absolute roller coaster version of Keanu Reeves in 'Speed' colliding with Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking (biodegradable glitter) Ball.'

Quite simply we have outgrown our novice skills and capabilities and we have hauled in the professionals. We have to evolve to cope! The brief - help us with the following please:

  • Stock management
  • Barcoding
  • Outsourcing the bits we can't cope with as we are full time workers
  • Marketing and professionalism (ha ha ha!)

HOWEVER... certain things must remain unchanged:

  • Our friendship
  • Our products
  • Our contribution to Look Good Feel Better
  • Our small business ethos
  • Our customer service
  • Our love of promoting other small businesses, especially supporting local
  • Our 'swapsies' business arrangements (explained below)
  • Our bookings

    katies heart

      Our 'swapsies' are a part of our northern heritage and key to our Katie's Heart roots. [True fact: back in the day northern neighbours shared hoovers!] Our local suppliers are paid as they wish, hard cash or biodegradable glitter. Bio-glitter is ridiculously expensive - "dead dear our kid," "pure cash bro." Since buying it in a year ago it has been upgraded and now passes FDA standards as well as European laws with regards to being fully biodegradable and cosmetic grade, therefore doubled in price (fml x2).

      We sell wholesale and can pay in glitter as some of our suppliers require a little amount every month to run their face painting, craft or party glitter booking companies.

      katies heart


      The website is going to change, our logistics will change but will we remain! Anyone who branches out to start a business is incredible! Whether it works or not, the step has been made and it takes courage. We need to stick together. 

      katies heart

      We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate a lovely lady we met recently. Joanne's 2017 changed her life and mood. The sudden death of a close family member to cancer sent her into a unexpected depression. She struggled for a while and then decided that to change her mood/feelings and general well being she would have to embrace her dreams and let go of anything holding her back. WE LOVE THIS MENTALITY! 

      katies heart

      Joanne has left her employment and invested in her own hairdressing chair in a salon just outside of Cardiff. JOANNE WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

      To give back to our local followers/supporters Joanne has kindly offered 10% off any booking if you reference 'Katie's Heart'. LETS SHOW SOME SUPPORT and follow her on FB to see her new venture grow by clicking HERE!

      Watch this space y'all we are coming at ya with eco-beauty products ready for the festival season 2018! Good luck Joanne and all other small businesses #supportlocal

      Love always

      katies heart


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